Estonia ETIAS for citizens of Israel

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the Estonian e-Residency program and how it could be beneficial for citizens of Israel. If you’re unfamiliar, the e-Residency program is a digital residency offered by Estonia that gives you access to all the same benefits as a regular Estonian citizen, but without having to go through the bureaucratic process of obtaining citizenship.

With the election of Donald Trump looming on the horizon, many people are looking for ways to distance themselves from America. Estonia is one country that has been very welcoming towards immigrants and is now looking to capitalize on this interest. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, be sure to read our blog post about Estonia ETIAS for citizens of Israel.

Applying For Estonia ETIAS From Israel

Israel has announced that it will start accepting applications for the Estonia e-TIAS system from citizens of Israel starting June 1, 2019. Citizens of Israel who hold an Estonian biometric residence card and are registered in Estonia can apply for the e-TIAS. The e-TIAS system is a biometric identification system that is used by Estonia to identify visitors to the country. The system uses facial recognition technology and was adopted in 2018. Applicants must submit a passport-style photograph, a digital copy of their Estonian biometric residence card, and a copy of their identity card or proof of residence. Applicants who are not citizens of Estonia but who hold an Estonian travel document that is valid for at least three months can also apply for the e-TIAS. The e-TIAS application fee is €60.

Reasons You Should Get An Estonia ETIAS

Since 2011, Estonia has been an ETIAS signatory. This means that Estonian citizens can travel to and stay in Latvia and Lithuania without a visa for up to 90 days every six months.

This policy is beneficial for both Israelis and Estonians as it helps ease congestion at border crossings, while also supporting tourism. For Israelis, the policy helps improve access to Baltic countries, which are often desirable travel destinations. For Estonians, the policy relieves some of the bureaucratic burden associated with obtaining visas.

Israelis who are eligible for the ETIAS can also use the policy to visit other member states of the European Union (EU). As part of the Schengen Agreement, Estonian and Lithuanian citizens are also allowed to travel to any EU country for up to 90 days every six months. As an Israeli citizen, you can use this policy to take advantage of many other benefits offered by the EU, such as free movement across internal borders and access to affordable healthcare.

Things To Consider Before Coming To Estonia

Things to consider before coming to Estonia include:

  • The Schengen Agreement allows citizens of many countries to travel within the European Union without being required to get a visa.
  • Estonia is a member of the European Union and participates in all its benefits, including the freedom of movement of people.
  • The Estonian currency is the euro, although Euros do not circulate freely in the country.
  • English is the official language, but Estonians also speak Estonian and Russian.

Estonia ETIAS For Citizens Of Israel – FAQ

What is the Estonian e-Tias?

The Estonian e-Tias is a digital immigration system that allows citizens of Israel to apply for residency and travel permits in Estonia. It is currently in beta testing, and will be officially launched in the near future.

How does the Estonian e-Tias work?

Citizens of Israel can use the Estonian e-Tias to apply for residency and travel permits in Estonia. The application process is straightforward and easy to use. You will need to provide photos, confirm your identity, and submit other required documents.

Once you have completed the online application process, you will receive an email confirmation that your application has been submitted. You will then receive a response from Estonia confirming whether your application has been accepted or not. If your application is approved, you will receive further instructions on how to submit your documents to Estonia.

What are the benefits of using the Estonian e-Tias?

The main benefit of using the Estonian e-Tias is that it is easy to use. It is straightforward and easy to apply for residency and travel permits in Estonia. Additionally, the Estonian e-Tias is secure and reliable, meaning that your data is protected against cybercrime. Finally, the Estonian e-Tias is fast – you can expect to receive a response within 24 hours most times.


Israel has signed the Estonian e-Residency programme, becoming one of the first countries to join. The programme allows people living in Israel to enjoy all the benefits of Estonian citizenship, including access to digital services, financial services and healthcare.

Israel is a popular destination for Estonians looking for new opportunities. Estonia ranks fourth in terms of outward investments made by Israeli companies in 2017. The country also offers a stable and safe environment with good infrastructure and low corruption rates.

Israel is a democracy with a rich cultural heritage. The Programme will offer residents many opportunities to engage with Estonia’s vibrant society and learn about its history and culture.

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