Lithuania ETIAS for citizens of Hong Kong

If you’re a citizen of Hong Kong, you may soon need to get a visa to visit Lithuania. That’s because Lithuania is one of the nine countries that have been designated as Safe Third Countries for Travelers by the United States. This means that citizens of these countries (Hong Kong included) are not require to obtain a visa prior to traveling to the United States.
However, should you decide to travel to any of the other eight countries in this list, you will need to apply for a visa at your local U.S. Embassy or consulate. If you have any questions about this change, don’t hesitate to contact your nearest embassy or consulate.

Applying For Lithuania ETIAS From Hong Kong

Lithuania has announced an extension of its visa-free travel for citizens of Hong Kong until 30 June 2020.

To apply for the Lithuanian ETIAS visa, you will need to complete the application form which can be downloaded from either the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Lithuanian Embassy in Beijing. The form must be completed in English and submitted with a passport-sized photograph and photocopy of your valid travel document. Any additional required documents such as medical certificates or education certificates can also be included with your application. Applicants should note that their applications will not be processed until all required documents have been received and verified.

It is important to note that different visas may be required for certain types of travel, such as for tourism or business purposes. Applicants are urged to contact their respective embassies or consulate for more information on specific requirements before submitting an application.

The fee for the Lithuanian ETIAS visa is USD 100 and is payable at the embassy or consulate where your application is processed. Note that there may also be additional fees associated with obtaining a visa, such as a processing fee at the embassy or consulate, which applicants are advised to contact beforehand.

If you are eligible, applying for the Lithuanian ETIAS visa should be your first step in planning your trip to Lithuania. With this visa now available to citizens of Hong Kong, there is no reason not to take advantage of this convenient and affordable option!

Reasons You Should Get An Lithuania ETIAS

There are many reasons why you should get an Lithuania ETIAS.

  1. To have permanent residency in Lithuania.
  2. To be able to travel to Lithuania visa-free.
  3. To have access to Lithuanian healthcare and social welfare services.
  4. To have the right to work in Lithuania without a work permit.
  5. To be able to live and study in Lithuania without a visa or any other documentation.

Things To Consider Before Coming To Lithuania

There are a few things to consider before coming to Lithuania as an ETIAS holder. The first is that you will need a valid visa for entry into Lithuania. You may not be allowed in without one if you do not have a residence permit or have a visa that is not current. Secondly, health insurance is required while in Lithuania. Otherwise, you may be responsible for any medical costs that arise during your stay. Finally, it is important to note that English is not the official language in Lithuania, and that most people do not speak English. If you are planning on staying in Vilnius or any large cities, learning some Lithuanian may be beneficial.

Lithuania ETIAS For Citizens Of Hong Kong – FAQ

What is the Lithuania ETIAS?

The Lithuania ETIAS is a visa-free travel status for citizens of Hong Kong. The visa-free travel status will allow Hong Kong residents to visit Lithuania for tourism purposes with no visa requirement. The Lithuania ETIAS was first introduced in January 2018 and will continue until September 2021.

Who can use the Lithuania ETIAS?

The Lithuania ETIAS can be used by citizens of Hong Kong who hold a valid passport, national ID card, or military identification card.

How long will the Lithuania ETIAS be valid for?

The Lithuania ETIAS will be valid until September 2021.

What are the requirements for using the Lithuania ETIAS?

To use the Lithuania ETIA, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have a valid passport, national ID card, or military identification card
  • Must be travelling as a tourist
  • Must not have a criminal record in any country
  • Must not be on any international watch list or list of terrorists

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