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Cambodia is a beautiful country with a lot to offer visitors. However, if you’re a citizen of Puerto Rico, you’ll need to obtain a visa before you can enter the country.

In this blog post, we’ll outline the steps you need to take to obtain a visa to visit Cambodia. We’ll also provide some tips on what to expect when you’re in the country and how to make the most of your trip.

Apply For A Cambodia Visa As A Citizen Of Puerto Rico

If you are a citizen of Puerto Rico, you will need to obtain a visa before traveling to Cambodia. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Apply for a visa at a Cambodian embassy or consulate. This is the most straightforward option, but it can be time-consuming and require documents such as a passport, photos, and proof of travel plans.
  2. Apply for an e-visa online. This option is more convenient, but it requires access to a computer and the internet. You will also need to provide some personal information and pay a visa fee.

Once you have obtained a visa, you will need to present it upon arrival in Cambodia. Be sure to keep your visa safe and do not lose it, as you will not be able to enter the country without it.

Visa To Cambodia For Puerto Rico People

Cambodia offers a visa-free regime for citizens of Puerto Rico for a stay of up to 30 days. For stays longer than 30 days, a tourist visa can be obtained from a Cambodian Embassy or Consulate prior to arrival in Cambodia.

Requirements For Visa To Cambodia For Citizens Of Puerto Rico

  • A passport that is valid for at least six months from the date of arrival in Cambodia
  • A visa application form
  • One recent passport photograph
  • Proof of onward or return travel
  • Visa fee (US$30 for a single-entry visa, US$60 for a multiple-entry visa)

Visa To Cambodia – FAQ

Do I need a visa to enter Cambodia?

Yes, all foreigners must obtain a visa before entering Cambodia. nationals of Puerto Rico can apply for a ordinary visa or an e-visa.

Where can I apply for a Cambodian visa?

You can either apply for a Cambodian visa at the nearest Cambodian embassy or consulate, or online through the Cambodian e-visa website.

How much does a Cambodian visa cost?

The cost of a Cambodian visa varies depending on the type of visa and duration of stay. Ordinary visas start at $30 for a single-entry visa valid for 30 days, while e-visas start at $37 for a single-entry visa valid for 30 days.

What are the requirements for a Cambodian visa?

To apply for a Cambodian visa, you will need to submit a completed application form, passport photographs, and your passport. For an e-visa, you will also need to provide proof of onward travel and accommodation in Cambodia.


As of October 2019, citizens of Puerto Rico can travel to Cambodia visa-free for up to 30 days. This policy is part of Cambodia’s eVisa program, which allows eligible travelers to apply for a visa online and receive approval within 3 business days. For those interested in staying longer than 30 days, or who require a visa for business or other purposes, they can apply for a Cambodian visa through the Kingdom of Cambodia’s website.

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